Monday, June 29, 2009

I started a draft of the post on June 22nd evidently. It is showing this date. Actually posting it tonight on the 29th for tomorrow June 30th!

Just had to clarify because it bugged me since obviously my anniversary was not last week!

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Love to all,

Monday, June 22, 2009

10 years and counting!

This post is dedicated to my wonderful, thoughtful (yes, I said thoughtful not romantic), generous, hardworking, fun, loving boyfriend (I feel funny saying fiancee). Bill and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Wow, 10 years together. It seems like that long but really doesn't.

When I look back on our ten years I think WOW. We have shared so many memories together and helped each other through some very hard times. When I think back on my memories (I can not speak for Bill), he helped me through some of the roughest times of my life.We found each other in a time when we both needed each other. During the first 9 months of our relationship we both experienced loss. I lost my beloved grandmother who will always be my rock. He lost the best friend he ever had, Guy Havens.

I remember Guy saying to me, " You are going to have to learn how to cook and be a woman (housewife) to keep Bill". Ha, if you are looking down Guy, I still don't know how to cook and most certainly not the housewife.

Just reminiscing!

When Bill and I got together Chase was six years old...he is now 16! Wow, 16 years old with a girlfriend and very touchy feely (she is 18), oh the worries there! Whole nother story.

Fast forward 10 years later and we have the most wonderful, happy, content (most of the time), good mannered little boy in the world.

Bill and I have had our ups and downs but I know we will make it! We have been together thru thick and thin. I want to thank Bill for giving me the most wonderful little boy in the world, a great stepson, and making me thankful for each day that I grace this earth.

I also have to add how hard Bill works to support this family. He averages about 100 hours offshore a week. I can't imagine working that many hours a week. He does a good job of providing for his family (Chase included) and we appreciate it so much!

To the love of my life.....THANK YOU for the past ten years and I look forward to many more!


No other applicants need apply, I am taken!

Love to Bill,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bill bought Cayden a little blow up pool for the backyard. He introduced it and Cayden went wild. Here are the pictures from today:

Cayden coming down the slide.
Cayden climbing up the slide.

Look at that face. He is so happy!

Cayden playing in the pool.

More playing!

This is video of Cayden

This is how Cayden gets out of the pool.

Coming down the slide.

Sprinkler on the slide!

This was the face I seen after he come down the slide.

This video is of Cayden in the pool but he got thirsty all of the sudden and wanted some of Mamaw Donna's ice water.

I know you enjoy videos but they take too long to upload. I only do it because I know ya'll like to see my man in action! Expect very scarce video in the future after tonight. Hope you enjoy!

Love to all,


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All about Cayden...

Okay, so it is my mid-year resolution to update my blog more often. I have never been one to follow the rules, hence mid-year resolution. Who else does that? Let's look at the facts...started college 5 years after graduating high school, had baby before I was married, been together 10 years and just never found the time to get married....maybe I do have more of my big brother in me than I thought. Point is I never do things in sequence.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way! He is my TODDLER all grown up and drinking out of a JUICE BOX. WTH? Where did my baby go. I have found he loves these things and it is a sure fire way to get him to drink his juice. And notice that almost whole eatin' burger from McDonald's! He sure eats to be so little!

This one is one morning at around 6:00AM. I was in the middle of doing my hair when TODDLER called and needed some Mommy loving.

These next pictures are adorable. My friend Megan got these for Cayden for his birthday! They are his superman pjs. He loves them! They have a cape that has velcro on the shoulders. I am in love with these pjs! They are so cute. They are 18 months, which he is wearing every day, but these are way too too long in the legs. I roll them up like 4 times and they still drag the ground.

This is the front view after out bath. I am the luckiest Mommy in the world.

So a little update on me. Bill and I are buying a house. It has been ongoing for about 3 weeks now. It is a foreclosure house so we are having to deal with a bank. It needs a little work but we still got it at a great price. I have pics but will update later with that once we get through inspections. We have got an accepted offer from the bank so it is just going through all the legalities of the sale...Oh my gosh, just realized, I am becoming an adult! HAHA!
Love to all, Linzay

Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

I know it has been awile. But I got lots of updates. I will save all of that for later. Lets start off with Memorial Day weekend last week. My immediate family usually gets together on this holiday to remember all the men who have lost their lives and the veterens who have served their country just for our freedom. I can't express my thanks and my gratitude for all of the bravery and courage that these men posess.

So, we always get together and cook and hang out with family on this day!

To start off, here is a picture of Bill. Handsome, huh?

This is a picture of the bridge my dad built for my mom for Mother's Day. It was actually finished after Mother's Day but was considered her present. My mom and dad have a natural river that runs through their backyard when it rains. It can stay wet and muddy for a couple of days afterwards if it rains real hard. So Mom wanted a bridge to walk over.

I love this picture so much because of a couple of reasons. 1) I love the background for some reason. 2) Cayden's hand is on his daddy's leg. 3) most is on my thinking bench...a little background...this bench was my Mamaw Verna's patio bench. When she died my mom and dad gave the patio furniture to my other grandmother. When Mom and Dad built the pool and put in the black lamp posts at the end of the pool, they knew that bench was meant to go there. So dad got the bench back and painted it black to match. This is my most favorite spot at my parents house. I always go out and sit on this bench at night (when I smoke) and look up at the stars and think of my Mamaw Vern (HeHe)! My fav spot! Okay, too much information but thought it was needed.

Glad I got the shot when I did because Cayden decided he had sit there too long...literally sitting there all of 3 seconds.
In action and on the move again!

My favorite picture of the day! His blue eyes really pop in this picture.

Daddy and Cayden walking around the pool.

This is my grandmother (mom's mom). On special occasions when the WHOLE family is not getting together.we always stop by and bring Mamaw Betty up to the house when we cook and celebrate. She loves it.

Cayden checking out Papaw's garden...notice dad's rose garden in the back.

Cayden and Gretchen. I love this picture and it needs no description at all.

This is Cayden on the bridge. I swear he walked across it all day long. He loves it even if Nana thinks it is too high and too steep.

This next pic of my mom and Cayden. Cayden loves this swing and wants my mom to sit with him everytime they go in the backyard.

Cute pic of Cayden!

My crazy dad decided he could stand the water and jumped right in. It was cold, about 78 degrees. Really cold in my book. He stayed in for about 30 minutes but whether he will admit it or not (warmed up once he was in) he froze.

If you can look at the next picture and say that Cayden is not the most beautiful little boy that every smiled with all his heart, call your local mental hospital. This boy is the light of my life.

This is my dad's garden this year. I don't know how well you can see it but he has a fabulous garden going this year. It includes beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, banana peppers, etc. I know I forgot some things and he might just kill me because we usually walk around the garden every time I go visit. Oh, the whole reason I took the picture was to take the picture of dad's new invention/find on the internet. He made these earth boxes and put 4 tomato plants (2 in each one). The plants are planted in rubbermaid tubs and if you look hard you can see them in gray tubs in the front to the left a little bit. Dad built these things with PVC pipe inserted to water them every couple days. The tomatoes are doing fantastic and are much bigger than the ones he planted at the same time in regular beds.

Loving this picture. Three of the MOST important men in my life. Different love for each one but each one holds a very special place in my heart. And if you three are wondering where you rank...sorry men, little man out ranks you. HaHa!

This is my fabulous deddy (as I pronounce it because I am southern/redneck, whatever you want to call it). But he is one fabulous man who loves despite all my flaws. He is checking out the pool.

Cayden made a bee-line for the pool pump (behind the fence in the foreground). Bill caught him just in time and re-directed him.

This is my little man being a big boy in the chair all by himself.

This last one is just an extra to end this post with. I know yall are so jealous that you are not the mom of this sweet little boy.

Okay, just a little update on me. I took finals for Maymester at ULM today. 2 classes down 3 more to go all before August 6th. I am supposed to graduate on August 15th. Keep your fingers crossed.
I have to end on this story about tonight that I thought was so cute. I went and picked Cayden up from daycare today (just me and him Bill left last night). We swung by McDonalds and got some grub. Come home, ate, played for about an hour, got a bath (him not me, I am going to in a minute), then he went to the kitchen door...which I knew meant he was ready for his milk bottle (whole nother story to come at a later date- I know he should be winged by now). After his nightly routine of me holding him and him drinking his bottle, he handed my the bottle and wiggled. I thought he was going to sleep. But I could see his eyes open and they were slowing closing. I was praying he would go to sleep and that I could get some laundry done, dishes, etc. He turned around and lays his chest to mine. I know he is about to go. Then all the sudden he pops up (sitting up) gives the cutest grin I think I have ever seen him do and says "bye bye". He lays back down and goes right to sleep out for the night. Isn't that the best story.
I live for the little moments like that. Just wish Bill was here to witness it. It was adorable. Makes all my hard work with i,t at the end of the day, to experience a moment like that. I think I am good for another 2 weeks. On that note...I got to go take a shower!
Love to all,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where is Linzay?

I am still here and alive. It has been so long since I posted anything that I know some of you were starting to get worried about me. I have just been so busy with school, work and home life you would not believe. Plus Bill has been home alot in the last 3 weeks. Sometimes it makes it harder for me to get anything done when he is home. Cayden and I have a flow and routine when it is just me and him. It is the same thing, same time every day. Not when Daddy is home!!!

Anyway, since I last post alot has happened. So sit back and enjoy the ride!!!

The next few pictures are from us just playing around in our boat one afternoon after daycare.

Here is a video from that day of Cayden dancing in the boat. We have a radio in it and we all now Cayden loves to dance. Not much boogie woogie but he is just fascinated everytime he gets to sit in the boat. He goes straight for the driver's seat where the radio and steering wheel is. I hope the audio works. The video is from me camera and on my computer I can't hear audio. When Bill downloads it on his laptop he can hear the audio. Any hoo, you still get to see my little man in action.

On a Saturday, a couple of weeks ago, Cayden had a very big day. He did 2 firsts in one day. YES, I finally took my child for his first HAIRCUT!! I was excited and reluctant at the same time. He watched Daddy get his hair cut then he jumped in Daddy's lap to get his hair cut. I just want to say "I MISS THOSE CURLS"!!! After our haircut we went for Cayden's first....

BOAT RIDE!! He loved it and we were very careful! We actually only stayed out for about 20 or 30 minutes.


This is what Cayden had for breakfast. Yes oatmeal with m&m's in it. He loved it and we have had it again several times since. Then checking out what the Easter Bunny brought him. Then we went to Mamaw Betty's to eat and hunt Easter Eggs.

I know my kid looks really wicked in this last picture.

Okay, one more video of my precious toddler (no longer a baby) walking. This was Easter Sunday. He is a whole lot better at it now.


Okay hope ya'll enjoyed!

Love to all,